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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 19, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. for nbc bay area news starts now. >> well, we can't give in to hysteria or fear. >> right now at 11:00, a new medical s.w.a.t. team ready to descend on any medical facility with an outbreak of ebola. and finally, new guidelines for nurses who have been on the front lines of the ebola battle. plus, relief at the pump. gas prices hitting lows not seen in many months. what is behind the drop? and the downside you might have not thought about. and let it rain. a storm system right off the coast means a wet commute tomorrow morning. good evening to you. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. we begin with the change the weather and your microsystem forecast. san jose on your left, san francisco on your right.
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it's clear right now. but that's going to change over the next several hours. meteorologist anthony slaughter tracking this storm. anthony, when does it get here? tomorrow morning right in the heart of rush hour. we're talking about 7:00 to 11:00, even through lunch time, those showers will linger. i just want to show you what is happening right now. showers moving in to the coastline, up towards eureka, where they've seen steady rain for the past hour or so. all of that activity is going to continue to progress this way as we head into the overnight hours. this starts it off right associate monday at 6:00. showers moving towards santa rosa sack, up towards point reyes, even napa. the shower activity will continue to hang out in the north bay. but eventually, we'll move toward san francisco and down through the peninsula as we head toward 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. and by lunch time, the showers will be over towards livermore, even in san jose right around noon. so real moral of this story is that this is just the beginning. because as we head toward later on in the week, wednesday, thursday and friday, we're talking about a good chance of some shower activity. in fact, in san francisco alone,
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a 63% chance of showers by friday. we're going to talk about what this means for the world series coming up in just a bit. >> you know that is great news, anthony. thank you so much. well, right now nurses getting the protection they have been asking for. the centers for disease control has now issued new guidelines for health care workers who come into contact with ebola patients. taking the cue from the spread of ebola in texas, official says all nurses and doctors need to be covered with protective gear so that no skin is exposed that was apparently the mistake that was made in dallas, where two nurses were infected. >> and it became very clear right away that we needed to modify that protocol to be much, much more strict in which no part of the body is exposed. >> also, a new 30-person medical support team will be trained to provide assistance to any medical center in the country in the event of an outbreak. the medical team will be ready to go by early november. meanwhile, governor brown is set to meet with top nurses on tuesday about the need for higher standards. the goal is to make california the national leader when it
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comes to ebola safety. also on tuesday afternoon, nurses are planning to rally in oakland, as the state formally adopts better standards. in dallas, 48 people who were under quarantine orders the past three weeks are now in the clear. all of the people in the group had contact with thomas eric duncan, the ebola patient who died earlier this month. tonight marked 21 days without symptoms, which means the danger has passed. while they may have peace of mind regarding their own health, many are mourning duncan's death, among them his fiancee. >> she lost fiancee who is also the father of her son. she lost her plans, her dreams. >> troh says she and her family are now asking for privacy. she also addressed criticism of duncan's actions. she says he would never have knowingly put people at risk and did not know he was infected when he returned from liberia. in spain, the nurse who came down with ebola after treating two patients in that country
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will be able to return home. a blood test showed she is free of the virus. the hospital says it will release her after doing a second blood test to confirm her recovery. continuing coverage on the ebola fight will be on air and on that includes a guide on how the ebola virus is spread. again, and new at 11:00, it appear there's is another victim in the case of a palo alto flasher, seeing news reports now of the indecent exposure incident. the couple then came forward the say something similar happened to their daughter too. the 13-year-old was walking her daughter east of palo alto high school in august when she saw man touching himself in a car and looking at her. she kept walk. he showed up again, doing the same thing. take a look at the sketch of the man who exposed himself to a 10-year-old and a 14-year-old girl in separate incidents earlier this month. the suspect description is similar for all three of the cases. however, a different sketch of a man who exposed himself to a
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woman riding a bike earlier this month. police think the two are different flashers. new surveillance video tonight that could help mountain view police identify this person. police say he may be involved in a burglary at a downtown business last sunday. the surveillance video shows the person entering the business on castro street just a few blocks east of the central expressway. that's where a cell phone was stolen. officers are not releasing names of the businesses. there is plenty of supply, but just not enough demand. if you drive, you notice gas prices are falling. but relief at the pump could come back to haunt us in 2015. nbc bay area's nannette miranda is joining us where apparently customers have been lining up to take advantage of the prices? >> yeah, definitely sticker shock in a good way. prices could even fall below $3 a gallon for regular gasoline by the end of the year. think of the extra money you'll have for holiday shopping just brace for what the new year may bring. >> they're wonderful. i'd like to see it go lower. >> reporter: drivers passing by
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the arco station on central road in san jose are just giddy. regular gasoline is $3.17 a gallon. yes, $3.17. >> oh, man, this is the best thing going here. >> reporter: people are loving the extra money in their pockets. >> usually i buy $40 for going to work. now i can save $10 or more a week. >> reporter: and don't mind waiting in line for the bargain. >> gas $3.17? you can't beat it. you can't beat it. we've been in line foreten minutes already. but it's worth it. >> reporter: the price of gasoline has dropped 50 cents a gallon since the start of summer. >> the real reason that gas prices are fall right now at really steep rate, steeper rates than we've seen in years due to the free fall in crude oil prices. >> reporter: analyst says global demand is slowing, while production has maintained or even increased in some places, leading to a glut that could persist at least until next year. so prices could fall another 20
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cents a gallon in the coming weeks. economists, though, caution, lower gas prices could hurt the u.s. economy by reducing employment and exports. still, drivers are enjoying the bargain while they can. >> but this morning when i passed by here it was 3:11. so now it went up a few cents. but it's still the cheapest in town. >> a global warming law in january is sure to increase prices too. they estimate the jump to be about a dime a gallon while the oil industry says the jump will be about 76 cents a gallon. live in san jose, nannette miranda, nbc bay area news. >> nanette, thanks very much. new details now on the bay bridge project. check out this gridlock on friday. if you were stuck in it, you probably don't want to look at the pictures. new steel plates have people hitting the brakes on the other side of the bridge of the fremont exit in san francisco. nbc bay area's christie smith live in san francisco along the
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embarcadero with new details on that project. christie? >> reporter: yeah, good evening, terry. well, commuters certainly didn't want to go through that again. and now those steel plates on this side of the bay bridge on the upper deck that caused all of those problems, well, they are out this evening. but caltrans still has to figure out the most efficient way to get the necessary work done. huge backup friday threw a curve to drivers trying to cross the bay bridge into san francisco. kendall ryan expected a smooth ride. >> and i looked at the news and they said an hour and a half to get over the bridge. i just turned around and took bart in. >> the delays caltrans says came after tapered steel plates were put in near the fremont street exit. some drivers slowed down considerably. now those same plates have been removed. >> predicting traffic is an inexact science. we knew there would be some delays. but when we looked at them and it lasted as long as it did forbe as as far as they did, then they made the decision to
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suspend the work. and let's just reexamine this. >> reporter: the plates help accommodate the work. caltrans is trying to replace six expansion decks on the upper deck western span after they found wear and tracks. >> there really was too much. the traffic was very bad for a very long time. and you can't sustain that kind of delays. >> reporter: despite message signs along the bridge, some drivers say they wanted more notice, and were concerned still about a slow monday. >> get up early. you know, be prepared for the slowdown. >> reporter: but the drive, at least for the short-term likely won't be a repeat of friday. >> amazing. yes. tomorrow is going to be a lot better. i was preparing for an hour and a half, two-hour commute tomorrow, but it sound like that won't happen. >> reporter: caltrans says they did similar work on the bay bridge in 2002 and after that on the richmond-san rafael bridge. this is something they have done before. but they're going to be meeting tomorrow and trying to formulate a plan to do this in the most
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efficient way. with the at least interruptions. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> all right. thank you so much. could aldon smith be back on the field earlier than expected? a report out tonight says the 49ers linebacker could have his nine-game suspension reduced. according to the pro football talk mike florio, the league could reduce his suspension by a game or two. if it is reduced two games, the suspension would be over. the nfl suspended him last august for violating conduct and substance abuse policies. south bay niner fans did watch the game tonight against the broncos at a san jose bar and grill. boy, they really could have used all the vets tonight. the team lost 42-17, a painful loss there as peyton manning had a great night. broke the nfl record for touchdown. henry wofford have more in sports. let's shift from the 49ers
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to the giants there is a feeling of fall in the air. the fall classic starts on tuesday. >> the giants back this the world series for the third time in five years. our nbc bay area cameras caught the giants boarding a flight at sfo this morning. several fans were there to see off their favorite players. hunter pence took time to sign a fan's hat and other memorabilia. very cool of him. once the team landed in kansas city that. >> suited up. chenged out where they're going to be playing games one and two, kauffman stadium. millions of baseball fans dream of watching a world series game in person. one lucky fan will be living the dream this friday. frank berke is his name. he was in the right spot at the right time when he hit the ball hit by travis ishikawa. it's the run that sent san francisco back to the world series. there it is. according to berke, he never thought about trying to cash in on that play-off memento. >> it never crossed my mind. for one, it's not how i want to
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make my money. for two, i wanted it reunited with him. you know, i do believe that there is good people out there that would be the same thing. he is the man who hit the ball. i'm just the lucky guy that was in the right place to catch it. >> well, he met ishikawa after the game and made a fair trade. the ball for a signed bat. that's not the end of the story, though. the next day, that's a nice bat. >> yeah. >> the next day, the team gave him four tickets to game three of the world series. that's friday night in san francisco. well, fans showing their support for the orange and black. check out our photo gallery online and tweet your photos at nbc bay area, or e-mail them to us. we'll also have continuing coverage on today in the bay. headed to kansas city tomorrow morning>ç . >> is everybody out? >> no, there is a man inside. >> coming up next, a heroic rescue caught on camera. a man rushes into a burning home and saves a grandfather trapped inside. plus, grim news in the
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search for missing college student hannah graham. what crews discovered this weekend. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips. or e-mail the nbc bay area. we investigate.
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in charlottesville, virginia, authorities waiting for confirmation on whether a body found yesterday is that of hannah graham. the university of virginia student disappeared five weeks ago, sparking what would become the largest missing person search effort in the state's history. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the latest in the developing story. >> reporter: today authorities continued to search the rural area a dozen miles outside charlottesville where they made the disturbing discovery. >> just divine intervention. keep on going. that's exactly what we did. we came back out and kept going. >> reporter: now human remains are being analyzed to see if they are the body of missing uva student hannah graham. >> thousands of hours have been spent by literally hundreds of law enforcement, civilian
11:16 pm
volunteers. we think perhaps today proved their worth. >> reporter: the 18-year-old vanished in the early hours of september 13th, her movements captured on four separate surveillance cameras. when she was seen with jesse matthews. he was later arrested in texas and charged with graham's abduction. he has not yet answered a plea. >> this sadly is now a death investigation. >> reporter: for the last five weeks, hundreds of volunteers have desperately searched for graham. her parents have made public pleas for help. >> please, please, please help end this nightmare for all of us. >> reporter: the remains were found about five miles away from where the body of missing virginia tech student morgan harrington was located three months after she disappeared in 2009. virginia state police say they're investigating what they call a forensic link between the harrington case and jesse matthews. >> i think what we're going to see now is a very slow,
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methodical investigation looking at the forensics, some of which take time, and developing this timeline that could link the current suspect to these crimes and other crimes. . >> reporter: near uva today where graham was last seen, fellow students are in shock. >> it's really sad to hear this recent development. we're really heartbroken. >> i think a lot of people have been waiting for news. and i'm hopeful for the family that they are getting closure. >> that was gabe gutierrez reporting. jesse matthew is being held without bail. got to get the dad out there. oh my god. >> is everybody out? >>. no. >> a fresno man carried from his burning home by a complete strange their weekend, all captured on video. you're looking at it. witness says the man in the striped shirt, look at that, seemed to appear out of nowhere, calmly pulling the victim to safety. the victim had been hooked to an oxygen tank for respiratory problems. had to be taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. no one else hurt, but firefighters say it could have been much worse.
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now neighbors didn't call 911 right away. they were trying to put out the flames themselves using a garden hose, not what firefighters recommend. a cal fire air tanker pilot who died fighting a wildfire in yosemite will be honored in san jose this week. geoffrey hunt. investigators say he died october 7th. it appears his plane's wing struck a tree while he was battling the dog rock fire. he earned a masters degree in biochemistry from santa cruz. he taught chemistry at the university in the off-season. and can we learn from the massive 6.0 napa earthquake? california lawmakers will hear testimony from city and county representatives from napa starting tomorrow. lawmakers want to see if any improvements can be made to the statewide emergency response system. >> there you go. >> there you go. tens of thousands of women hit the streets of san francisco today in the nike women's half
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marathon. the event raises money for the leukemia and lymphoma society. it is the largest women's race in the world. an australian won that race with 1:19.40. but a southern california woman took second place. >> what makes you chuckle there. >> i think that's amazing. >> it's not as fast as you do it. >> compared to my 13 mile? very impressive. let's check with anthony slaughter right now. big story heading this way. got some rain, right, anthony? >> as soon as tonight, we're going to start to see the showers moloney roll in, especially across the north bay and coastal mountains. we're starting to see reports near pacifica of rain falling this evening. as we head to the morning hours, between 7:00 and 10:00, the best chance of seeing any light to moderate activity really for most of the bay area. it's mostly going to be concentrated across the north bay. in fact, by 3:00, our skies are already going to start to clear up.
11:20 pm
it will be chilly tomorrow. definitely need that jacket. you'll notice those temperatures struggling to get into the lower 70s across the south bay. even in the peninsula, upper 60s. the east shore expecting mid 60 there's. and then san francisco tomorrow a chilly day with mid-60s there. there is the shower activity moving onshore up towards eureka. and you can see the trailing cold front stretches down towards central california. overall, though, this is not a huge storm system for us. you can see the returns on the radar. just light green and some of the darker green. that denotes light shower activity. tomorrow morning when you wake up, expect a little light drizzle. mostly in north bay. as we head towards lunch time, that's when the showers will spread south to places like san jose. that's where you'll be up to 69 for your high tomorrow. sunnyvale at 71. palo alto at 68. tomorrow half moon bay at 64. and again, san francisco, whether you're up at the marina district or in soma, expect showery activity. really, most of the morning hours and then starting to clear out in the afternoon. up in the north bay, 71 in santa
11:21 pm
rosa tomorrow with a good mix of sun and clouds by the afternoon. the showers move in and out. and then we'll start to see some clearing. if you live in the tri-valley, that's where you'll see the rain more so in the afternoon a. so from livermore towards danville, expect lunch time showers and they will start to clear out after 3:00 or 4:00 here is the other big story. wednesday into thursday, another storm system. that's going to start to spin across the pacific and get its act together. you may have heard about the subtropical path. we talk about this a lot when we get very heavy rainfall events. this could be one of the events that we'll be watching as we head towards thursday night into friday and saturday. the thing about it, of course, everybody knows it, the world series is happening this week. and the game is that we're going to be watching for friday here at home at at&t park, unfortunately, had to go and do it, rain in the forecast for friday evening because there is a 63% chance of rain five days out. i would be a fool to leave it out of the forecast.
11:22 pm
>> and you're no fool. >> just a heads up. be prepared. >> looking at everything. thanks, anthony. coming up next, the future of shopping. apple ready to roll out a new way to pay. why you can soon leave your wallet at home. and also, looking for a winning ticket. another south bay store sells a winning lottery ticket. this one worth about $200,000. we've got the numbers after this.
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a very lucky south bay shopper is holding a fantasy 5 ticket worth more than $200,000, and that's where he bought it. this cafe on center road near tully. lottery officials say no one has come forward to claim the wings. they matched all five numbers and those numbers are 18, 1, 27, 8, and 12. the bay area has something to brag about when it comes to jobs. new numbers from state leaders show that bay area counties have lower than average unemployment rates. here is breakdown for you. marin county, the best unemployment rate anywhere at 3.9%. san mateo county next. 4.1. san francisco and napa counties tied at 4.4. santa clara county weighs in at 5.2.
11:26 pm
contra costa county at 5.7. california's unemployment rate dipped to 7.3% last month, which is a dramatic improvement from the 8.8% unemployment at the same time just last year. nationally, the jobless rate 5.9%. >> wow. and the newest way to pay with your iphone goes online tomorrow. apple pay goes life at about 200,000 businesses around the country. now, it uses the company's latest phones, the 6 and the 6 plus to let people make credit and debit payments. apple's ceo says that apple pay is a secure and private way to buy things because when purchases are made, the user's financial information is not exchanged. apple pay will be so easy and convenient, people will be able to leaf their cash and credit cards at home. still to come, we investigate claims that a state agency may have destroyed evidence. we'll show you the internal government memos. plus, a violent end to a pumpkin festival at a college town. what led to a standoff with police in s.w.a.t. gear.
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and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. it's simply appalling. it tells us what is supposed to have been fixed is not. >> destroying evidence in the middle of a state investigation. we investigate the secret e-mails. a confidential memo leaked to the nbc bay area investigative unit exposes more conflict and controversy brewing inside the state's public utilities commission. insiders leaked the memos to chief investigative reporter tony kovaleski with his concern about destroying evidence in the middle of a criminal investigation. >> we're stunned. we're stunned. >> reporter: creation by san bruno's city manager to this memo, leaked to the nbc bay area investigative unit. it's written and signed by 13 staff attorneys to the public utilities commission. it includes we are concerned the
11:30 pm
commission has not taken appropriate steps in the past month to preserve evidence. >> what does this say about the culture at the public utilities commission? >> it suggests business as usual. we're extremely troubled by that. >> reporter: the e-mailed memo points to growing internal tension and conflict as the u.s. attorney investigates cozy and back channel communications between puc commissioners and pg&e in the wake of the deadly san bruno explosion four years ago. staff attorneys wrote the internal memo on wednesday. it's addressed to the president and the four commissioners. the attorneys question why a media report, the state attorney general launched an investigation nearly a month ago and executive director paul clanon never identified the legal staff about the investigation and the need to preserve evidence. what does this say about paul clanon? >> that he either doesn't understand or is unwilling to do what he is supposed to be doing.
11:31 pm
>> mr. clanon, can you talk to us about this memo? >> i'm sorry, what memo do you have? >> we brought the memo, and our questions to the puc's executive director after today's public hearing. a concern by the attorneys is that you're not preserving evidence for the investigations. >> obviously, this is a discussion between the commission and its own attorneys. so that's of course not something i can talk about. >> reporter: the memo from staff attorneys also raises concerns about cleanout days in preparation for an upcoming move, the memo reads records may be destroyed in that process. after further consideration, the commission's executive director did answer the key question. >> can you assure the public you're not destroying evidence? >> oh, of course not. now look, there is absolutely no truth to any concerns that the public utilities commission would destroy any evidence. that's ridiculous. and of course we would never do a thing like that. >> why did you not alert your
11:32 pm
attorneys that you were contacted by the attorney general? >> i won't talk about any discussions between this commission and the attorneys. >> reporter: i'm tony kovaleski, nbc bay area news. >> the california attorney general's office has not officially confirmed it is investigating the puc, but after investigating a leaked memo, the office released a statement saying, quote, the attorney general takes matters of public misconduct very seriously. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 8-- tomorrow is the last day to register to vote for the december 4th election. the election deadline applies to those who have recently moved or changed their names. if you need to register, it can be done easily online at the top two democrats in the 17th congressional district are keeping their eyes focused on
11:33 pm
election day and their campaign war chest. ro khanna is challenging honda. honda has nearly $1 million, khanna with more than $200,000. according to larry gerston, the candidates will be spending that money to get out very specific messages. >> they each have their own motives and reasons for doing it. khanna said he has to get these people to know who i am. so he can approach parity. honda said i'll let the guy do what he needs to do. i'm going the save my resources until the end when i can make the points that i need to patriotic to overcome inconsistency or lack of support i might have. >> now, larry also says that it's pretty clear khanna has closed the gap in polls but wonders if he will be able to withstand a media blitz from honda with just two weeks left before election day.
11:34 pm
hillary clinton making a return visit to the bay area tomorrow. the former secretary of state and first lady will appear alongside nancy pelosi for a fundraiser in san francisco. the event is completely sold out. clinton has not said whether or not she'll be running for president. she was just here last week for dream force. what started out adds a pumpkin festival ended up as a riot in new hampshire last night. crowds set off fireworks and tommed campus lightposts. some threw bottles at officers who fired pepper spray into the unruly crowds. the riot resulted in dozens of injuries and arrests and serious damage. >> they didn't even want to have it this year. but the community begged for it. and they're like okay, we'll do it. but i don't have any hopes or the having it next year. >> the school president says some students, maybe those, may be expelled, and the riot could mean the end of telephone annual pumpkin festival that has been running for 24 years now. but that just may seal it right there. well, thousands of people crowded saint peter's square at
11:35 pm
the vatican today for a ceremony honoring pope paul vi who died in 1978. pope paul delivered the sermon after proposed changes for the church were rejected. kelly cobiella reports this pope is challenge. >> an important day but not a groundbreaking one. pope francis beatified pope paul vi. but backtracked on the move to welcome gays into the catholic fold. language declarinining homosexu calling sexuality a problem but saying people with homosexual tendencies should be welcomed. >> this is exactly what the pope wanted, to have this open collegial conversation on these issues. if he wanted to be a dictator, he would just say this is the way we're going to do it. but that is not his style.
11:36 pm
>> reporter: bishops also rejected language saying that living out of wedlock can be positive and voted down paragraphs on divorce and remarriage. catholic gay rights groups called it very disappointing, and some see this as a setback for the reform-minded pope francis, who famously said last year that if a person is gay and searches for the lord, who am i to judge. today the pope reaffirmed his commitment to reform saying the church should not be afraid of change and new challenges. kelly cobiella, nbc news, london. coming up next, it was a night to forget for the 49ers in denver. >> but world series fever still sweeping through san francisco. we're going to take you out to kansas city for a report on how the giants hope to end the royals play-off magic.
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11:38 pm
the 49ers had a -- what's the word -- >> they had a bad night. >> a rough time tonight. >> definitely not the same pour peyton manning. he had a wonderful night. but it was pretty tough to watch here for us. >> peggy, terry, it was so bad, i lost my appetite. and that's very hard to do. >> is it back? >> it's back. for sure. i'll be having some midnight snacks in a few minutes, actually. shall we get to the sports? giants have landed in kansas city. they've already held a workout. but first let's talk football as terry and peggy just mentioned, 49ers came into tonight's game against the broncos, down both their linebackers. patrick willis and navorro bowman. add in peyton manning was on the cusp of history, and well, the odds were squarely against san francisco getting a win. manning's three touchdown passes away from breaking the nfl
11:39 pm
record held by brett favre. down 7-0, manning to wes welker. little man can run. 39 yards stretches. and gets across the goal line. 14-0 broncos. second quarter, third and goal. manning to demaryius thomas with the score. that breaks the record. number 509 career touchdown passes they're celebrating out there. broncos win 42-17. manning's teammate investigation fun like playing keep away with that record-setting ball here is harbaugh on peyton manning. >> he was played at the highest level. real excellence. and in all phases, the broncos were on their game. especially peyton. congratulations to him breaking the record. >> big-time congrats to the future hall of famer peyton manning. to baseball, the giants arrived in kc today. afternoon to be exact. and went straight to kauffman stadium to get a feel for their
11:40 pm
new digs for the next two games. here is our giants insider andrew baggarly with more on the world series. >> we all mow the royals are hotter than a pistol. they're 8-0 this postseason. they're running like the win. they're putting a lot of pressure on teams. the giants were really lost when they went into kansas city. they're on one of the longest road trips of the season. and the last game of the series against the royals, they had seven bases stolen on them. andrew susac was behind the plate that day. tim lincecum, we know he doesn't hold runners very well. it was just sort of a high pressureless feeling. maybe it was good wake-up call because they know what this team is about. they know they have to keep guys like aoki and dyson off base. that's going to be a big key for the giants in this series. >> thank you, andrew baggarly. be sure to check us now for giants october quest before and after each game. we have an army in kansas city making sure you don't miss any information.
11:41 pm
ahmed fareed, and jit's a world series sized party. the first back-to-back of the season. into the second period, rangers flashed the net. martin st. louis puts it in. 2-0, new york. rangers off the ensuing face-off. rick nash with the goal, his seventh of the season. which leads the nhl. the rangers win 4-0. their first regulation loss of the season for the san jose sharks. more football. raiders and cardinals. carson palmer returns to oakland. second quarter, third and goal, darren mcfadden punches it in. third quarter, cardinals up by one. palmer pitch to stepfan taylor. former cardinal, philadelphia for him.
11:42 pm
arizona goes on to win 24-13. get this sign. darnell docket had a message for raider fans. worst team in the nfl, 0-6. that's what you call rubbing it in. that's just wrong. to call them out like that, that hurts me, okay? that's my team. >> i take it personally -- oh, now he is crying. >> now he is upset. >> maybe that snack will help. the midnight snack. >> the twinkies and other cupcakes will make me feel a little better. >> all right, henry. good luck with that thank you so much. we'll be right back.
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preserving history is a passion for many people. usually, though, it's preserving their own history of their family or their town. >> our next story about preserving someone else's history because it's the right thing to do. garvin thomas has today's bay area proud. is a private christian prep school founded in the early '90s. they talk a lot there about honor. and as you'll see in this bay area proud, they back it up as well. at the kings academy in sunnyvale, renovations are just about complete on their brand-new quad. new concrete, new awnings, new landscaping all making it much more attractive. but it's the new screws holding up the old plaque that are the most meaningful. >> we wanted to make sure those plaques were displayed in a more honorable way. >> reporter: matt nesbit is
11:46 pm
director of operations for the kings academy. >> anything that needs scheduling or building or renovating, probably it is something that falls into my category. >> reporter: which is why it was matt's job to figure out what to do with the 23 bronze plaquesed that had been displaced by the renovation, one for each graduating class from 1958 to 1980. but not graduates of this school. kings academy, you see, occupies the campus that was once home to sunnyvale high school. the district closed that school in the early '80s though left their plaques and a bench and a sundial behind. the kings academy could have ripped all of them up and handed them back. it wasn't their history, after all. >> correct. we could have given it right back to the original owner, the fremont high school district and said thank you very much. we chose instead to honor the site, to honor those who were part of this campus. >> they didn't have to preserve
11:47 pm
someone else's history, but they did. just like they didn't have to make last friday's football game the sunnyvale high school alumni game. >> in the stands tonight, the alumni. >> reporter: but they did 245 too. >> of sunnyvale high school. [ cheering ] >> reporter: it was kings academy versus so cal between the sidelines. ♪ but a sunnyvale reunion everywhere else. >> we want to thank kings academy for what they're doing. >> reporter: though sunnyvale may no longer have a school, but thanks to the kindness of others, they will all of the sudden have a home. >> god bless them. they're really terrific people. and i thank them from the bottom of my heart. and so do the rest of us. all of us are so touched. >> as you heard, the kings academy isn't done preserving the history just yet.
11:48 pm
in addition to the plaques, there was a bench and a sundial. and the folks at kings academy say they're figuring out right now where they want to display those on campus. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> great story, garvin. >> it really is. let's check in with anthony slaughter standing by. he has one big word to let everybody know about. it's rain. >> it happens tomorrow for the rush hour commute. we have it pointed toward the coastline, watching that fog roll. in report news from pacifica and half moon bay drizzle, and even in daly city that will continue as we head towards the morning hours. and then tomorrow morning for the rush hour, right when the sun is about to come up, that's when we're going to see the showers arriving. light to moderate rain activity. skies will eventually clear and head towards the south and the east bay, ending for most of us by about 3:00, 4:00. it will be chilly tomorrow. look at the numbers. only 65 degrees in the san francisco. in the north bay, low 70s expected there.
11:49 pm
and even in the south bay, same deal. now the thing about this rain again as i mentioned, it's going to start in the north bay and work toward the south bay. if you live in san jose, chances are you won't see the rain until about lunch time tomorrow. here is the storm system you can see, still making its way into northern california. showers up towards eureka and ukiah. we're still dry right now across much of the bay area. but as we zoom in a little closer, you can see our radar is starting to pick up on some returns off the coast. this activity, as i mentioned, will slowly make its way into the bay area as we head towards monday. your microclimate forecast for monday does keep temperatures cool in san jose. 69 degrees there. only 71 in sunnyvale. 64 in half moon bay. 68 in palo alto. and again, in san francisco, rainy no start the day with temperatures in the low 60s from the marina district over towards soma. where temperatures will top out in the mid 60 there's. in the north bay and in santa rosa sack, nap parks that's where you'll see the better chance of rain in the morning. activities spreads to it the
11:50 pm
east bay and the tri-valley as we head toward the afternoon hours. temperatures cool everywhere, even in the tri-valley. low 70s expected for tomorrow. now as i mentioned, we have the chance of rain in the forecast for tomorrow. but now as we move towards wednesday and thursday, here comes another chance. this thing is going to move in and tap into some subtropical moisture. so by thursday night into friday, really all day long friday into saturday morning, we're going to be looking at the chance for showers and even a potential thunderstorm. here the thing about it we could be talking about a washout for the game on friday as the giants take on the royals. keep the umbrellas handy. we have a chance of rain tomorrow and again as we run out the workweek on friday. a little bit of a rainy pattern setting up. which is some good news. hopefully this is more of what is to come as we head into our winter month. >> all righty. thank you so much. well, coming up next, more and more americans getting hooked on another kind of device. >> if you got to get hooked on something, this is what you want to get hooked on. the devices are designed to keep
11:51 pm
you healthy. look for the trend of personal fitness tracker, after the break.
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
they have become the latest fashion symbol of our digital world. we're talking about the bracelet-like fitness tracking devices. you have one? >> i do have one. i have to start wearing it. that's part of the problem. they keep millions of people in step with their times and their bodies, how much they're sleeping, what they're eating and exercising. nbc's katy tur has more on the digital health trend. >> come on, are you ready to go out? >> reporter: even before the sunrises in states bro, georgia, 53-year-old lee is moving. lately her days are moving in stets on her fitbit zip. >> by the time i come home from work. >> reporter: she is one of a growing number of americans hooked on personal fitness trackers. >> and i got 1757. >> reporter: the wearable motion sensor devices like fitbit, nike band jawbone and others measure everything from heart rate to
11:54 pm
sleep. they sync with smartphones or computers giving real-time progress reports for better or worse. >> thank you, fitness tracking devices for letting me know exactly how long i sat on the couch today. >> even fashion designers like tory burch are stepping in on the trend. >> you have the pandemic. i tell everyone i know to get it. >> i think eventually wearable tech is where it's going. >> reporter: jeffrey grant is the director of human resources in statesboro this summer, the city bought fitness trackers for 63 city workers who volunteer for the program. did you feel like this town needed it? >> most definitely. employee health awareness. that's huge. and having a program like this in place would really keep employees moving. >> reporter: since july, the group has lost more than 32 million steps. >> i walk about three miles. >> reporter: for the fire department's lee cheshire it's more than personal. >> are you checking out your progress for the week? >> it's a game. dallas dropped 40 pounds and lee
11:55 pm
is tracking up to 50,000 steps a day. >> what do you do in order to catch up? >> move when i brush my teeth and move when i iron. >> you guys are competitive. >> it's progress. >> other side, four. >> reporter: experts say that kind of accountability is the key. >> measuring things gives you the understanding and the knowledge. and once you know, you can actually monitor and you have better control. >> reporter: not to mention the knowledge that every step matters. katy tur, nbc news, statesboro, georgia. >> you don't have yours on yet. >> i'm going to. we'll be right back an inside look at the life of a wild panda. look at all these children. they all lost their lives because of
11:56 pm
preventable medical errors, now the third leading cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46. is caused by people looking for parking. in a city that's remarkable that so much energy is, is wasted.
11:57 pm
streetline has looked at the problem of parking, which has not been looked at for the last 30, 40 years. we wanted to rethink that whole industry, so we go and put out these sensors in each parking spot and then there's a mesh network that takes this information, sends it over the internet so you can go find exactly where those open parking spots are. the collaboration with citi was important for providing us the necessary financing; allow this small start up to go provide a service to municipalities. citi has been an incredible source of advice, how to engage with municipalities, how to structure deals, and as we think about internationally citi is there every step of the way. so the end result is you reduce congestion, you reduce pollution and you provide a service to merchants, and that certainly is huge. well, we want to leave you with this. some irresistible footage of panda bears in the wild. for the first time china is
11:58 pm
using an intra red camera to film the life of a wild panda cub. >> a nature reserve in southwest china released this footage of the newborn cub and its mother cuddling. there we go. there we go. >> that's what we're talking about. >> footage from the next day shows the mother panda cleaning her cub and carrying it off this her mouth. >> that's just cuteness. >> the reserve hopes to capture the cub's growth into an adult. >> and it's really neat to see the little cave there surround by the bamboo. i like that. thank you for joining us tonight. >> have great night. have a great week. take care.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
to tech or not to tech. liquid sugar. it's getting national attention. we'll debate it and several other hot races, next. >> one hit can take you down. one hit. >> a meth addition derailed the career of claudia lockyer. she is not giving up on herself or her family. we'll have the first televised interview with state treasurer bill lockyer. >> some of the town ares are right here in bay area. attorney john burris tells us where and why. the mix starts right now.


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